Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kymmie's Fun Cakes

Here's a few more of the fun cakes that I have done!

For Maria's Christmas work party!

My first try with fondant for the 4th of July!

Just for Christmas! Looks like a music box!

For Betty's birthday!

Just because petite fores!

Easter fun!

The rest of the cakes below were for a stake enrichment that Maria and I helped with when I was serving in the stake. We served over 200 women!!! How fun!!!

Vanilla-Almond Cake with Raspberry Filling!
Chocolate and Vanilla cake with Raspberry filling!
Dark chocolate cake with Silky-Fudge Frosting!
This was definitely the favorite!
Lemon cake with vanilla-cream filling!
That's a lot of yummy food!

Kymmie's Wedding Cakes

Kymmie's Cakes!!!

I realized the other day that although my blog is called "Kymmie's Cakes" I have never posted any of my decorated cakes we go.

The picture above is my first wedding cake I did for Allie. She's been married for over 3 years now. Crazy!

This cake was done for John and Katie. It reminds me of a temple from the Aztec period...but they loved it!

Nikki and I made this one together for her boss's niece. I love the Gerber Daisies!!!

This is Adrienne's cake. She loves orange. I was a bit skeptical of the design at first but I think it turned out gorgeous!

Julia's daughter Rachel wanted a very simple cake. I think it is gorgeous! I love the Calla Lillies!

I love this cake! It fit Kenzie's personality so well.