Friday, October 24, 2008

My Favorite Things

I will defend my thesis one week from today!!! Unfortunately, that means I have been way too busy writing my thesis. But it's officially done (well, until my committee asks me to make changes.). It's 115 pages of...scientific nonsense!

A few weeks ago my cute niece Jenny, at Jenny's Spot, tagged me to list 5 of my favorite things. So here they are...

1 - Cereal!!! Ok...let's be honest. I don't just "like" cereal, I am absolutely addicted to it. I have no food in my house right now but I don't feel a need to go to the store because I have cereal and milk. What are my favorites? Frosted Mini-Spooners (Original, Vanilla and Strawberry) and Life (Cinnamon and Honey-Graham). Mmmmm!

2 - Music! I love listening to my iPOD. What are my favorite songs? I really like Vive la Vida by Cold Play right now. But I'll be honest and make a huge confession...I have been listening to Christmas music on KOSY 106.5 since it started on Nov. 1. (I know...I'm pathetic!)

3 - My blue and red blankets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I can't remember what they are made of but they are the softest blankets in the whole entire world. I love them. My favorite thing is when my room is cold in the mornings but I am nice and toasty inside my sandwich of yummy blankets!

4 - Twilight. I love when the sun sets in the fall and winter. The light shines from the west and fills the room with a yellow light that makes everything look like it's been painted with gold.

5 - Color (as you can tell by this post). When I was little I had a huge collection of crayons. They always had to be in "rainbow" order. I think that's one of the reasons I love cake decorating and painting so much. You get to use lots and lots of fun colors!

These are just a few of my favorite things but there are many many more. Thanks for the fun tag Jenny. We will have to play again.

I tag Maria at Two Peas and their Pod.