Friday, February 27, 2009

Chia Bust

For Christmas I got a Chia Herb garden. I was so excited to grow my own garden. It came with 6 different kinds of seeds: Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Marjoram, Chives, and Thyme. I decided to try the Basil and Cilantro first.
I very carefully "planted" the seeds in the Chia soil mixture.
I put them on my stove to keep them warm. And even gave them plastic bag hats to give them a little green house affect.
The basil was the first to sprout.
But the cilantro wasn't too far behind.
The basil also started to grow first.
But once the cilantro got started it grew like a weed.
I was so careful to water them regularly.
I moved them to the kitchen in the mornings so they could get sunlight during the day. And then moved them into my bedroom at night so they wouldn't freeze.
But they stopped growing. This was as tall as they got.
The basil was the first to die but the cilantro wasn't far behind. Personally I think they froze to death because my house is so cold!!! I am so sad! Maybe I will have to try again in the Spring when things get a bit warmer.


Nicole said...

POOP! I was so excited to see if you made some salsa or tortilla soup with that mighty cilantro. I'm sad that they died. For sure try again! Do you have more seeds in your packet?

I would like a little herb garden in my yard. Think how yummy . . . I need to find out about it and figure out where to plant them. I'm thinking about starting some tomato seeds in my house this month. Wish me luck!

Zcook said...

Well, I guess the Chia plants are an extension of doing work in the yard, and hence . . .