Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Arrival

Guess what? My new cookie book arrived in the mail. It's called "The All-American Cookie Book" by Nanci Baggett. It has been on my Amazon Wish List for a few months but I keep telling myself that "I don't really need it." But after I finished my R.I.P. (Research In Progress) presentation last week I decided I deserved a treat...so I ordered it. Only $10 on Amazon. Yea!!!

I checked this book out of the library a few months ago and I fell in love with it. It is filled with recipes that originated in the early colonial period but have been modernized for current ingredients, ovens, etc. I am so excited to try the recipes!!! I'm sure I'll be taking lots of pictures to post on my new blog.

(The picture is of Dad's Cocodrillo bread that he made this weekend. I decided to post it to encourage him to start his own blog!!! I have not yet embarked into the world of bread making (I don't have the patience to wait for it to rise!) but yours looks fabulous Dad!)

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Nicole said...

I have to admit that when I first opened your blog, and saw the picture of dad's bread, I wasn't sure what those things were. I had to read the blog to figure it out. I thought maybe they had something to do with your lab and mice stuff. Man . . . was I off! :)