Monday, October 1, 2007

A Weekend Bake Off

Well I still don't know exactly how it happened but suddenly I became the ward caterer. I signed up to bring a dessert to the Bishop's Fireside on Sunday. Then they needed someone to bring a cake to the General RS Broadcast at the Stake . Then I found out that the RS was helping with the dinner at the Fireside on Sunday so I asked if I could help and was told to bring two 7-layer bean dips.

When I woke up on Saturday to a cold and rainy day I thought, "Mmmm…A perfect day for baking." I ran to the store and got all I needed and started with "That Chocolate Cake" from The Essence of Chocolate. While I was making it I realized that it's the same recipe that is on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa Powder. I have made that cake before and it is delicious. So I was excited that I would have a good cake to take to the RS Broadcast.

You can imagine my shock when I found that in the middle of the baking the cake centers fell. At first I thought I could still use them but once they cooled it got even worse!!! How sad! They got tossed in the garbage.

So I ended up making a Duncan Hines Chocolate Bundt Cake. I was so embarrassed that it wasn't "homemade" that I used my extra cream to make a caramel sauce for the top. It was my first time ever to make caramel and it turned out pretty good. I ended up putting the leftovers on the pumpkin cheesecake.

Despite the chocolate cake mishap (which I think was due to too much baking powder at high altitudes). The Pumpkin Cheesecake turned out perfectly. The spiced graham cracker crust was delicious (although it stuck to the pan???). And I had 5 people ask for the recipe!

The 7-layer beans dips were also a hit. But to be honest after all that baking...I need at least a few days off before I try anything else. (But I'll probably be ready to try something new for conference weekend!!!)

Maria was a big help with the picture taking and carrying stuff into the church!!! Thanks Maria!


Maria said...

Baking weekends are the best:) The cheesecake was fabulous, and I don't like cheesecake or pumpkin! And I am glad the crust stuck to the pan so I could eat it all...ha! It was the hit of the did it again:) You can really remove that last picture. Don't scare your readers!

Nicole said...

Way fun! I agree about the bad weather. We all woke up and Jenny said, "Yeh . . . It's a reading day!" We didn't do a whole lot. Your cakes looked beautiful. And no more of this "boo-hoo . . I'm the new ward caterer". You love it and you know it. :) They are so lucky to have you!

I'm so glad you are blogging! It's so fun to see your cakes!

We love you!

Josh said...

Kym! That Maria girl is gorgeous. Do you think I have a chance?