Tuesday, February 26, 2008

L is for Lichty

It's official. Josh and Maria are getting married on June 14, 2008. What started as a friendship has blossomed into a perfect romance. How exciting!

I found some really cute cookies on the Internet and thought they might be fun for the wedding. I used a chocolate soft sugar cookie recipe from Dorie Greenspan (who is Maria's favorite cookbook author) and then covered the cookies with a mint royal frosting.

I played around with lots of different designs.

But I think the very simple cursive Ls are my favorite.


Maria said...

Kym you are the GREATEST! We really appreciate your help! The cookies are so cute!! And how can you go wrong with a Dorie recipe:) Thanks so much!! I can't wait to try them:)

Josh said...

KYM! You are AMAZING once again. Thak you so much that is so cool. Thank you so much for all of your help. You are so great. I don't know how to thank you but don't worry we will find a really awesome way to thank you someday!