Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Minute Requests

Two weekends ago I found myself thoroughly bored! Then suddenly I had a number of last minute baking requests. Yippee!

My RS President called Friday evening and asked me to bring some treats to a baptism the next morning. I made these Black-bottom Brownie cups. The cream cheese mixture with Mini-Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and brownie batter are pretty easy to mix up. But it took some time to layer them in the mini-cupcake tins. I didn't get to try them but they look cute!

On Sunday I found out that the person who had signed-up for Ward Prayer cancelled. Someone volunteered to host but didn't have time to make treats...so I volunteered. I made these Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookies. I like how they look but preferred them on the third day after they had gotten really soft.

I also whipped up a batch of cupcakes and added some crazy frosting! They are cute!!!


Maria said...

Brownies, cookies, and cupcakes...yum! I love the crazy frosting!

Josh said...

That frosting is Psychedelic!