Monday, February 25, 2008

Some Holiday Cheer

I know. I know. It's way past the holidays...but it's never to late for some cheer. So here's a few pics.

Shawn's just hanging out...waitin' for Santa to come.

Jenny and Katy just being a little crazy!

I think this was my favorite treat of the holiday season. This is called a jello poke cake! It's light and colorful and oh so yummy!

Christmas Jello Poke Cake:

1 white cake baked in two 8 or 9" rounds cake pans, cooled to room temperature, and placed back in cake pan

1 package raspberry or strawberry Jello made with half of the required volume of boiling water

1 package lime Jello made as above

1 tub cool whip mixed with one carton lime yogurt

Use a fork to poke the cooled cakes and pour in a little jello. (Red jello for one layer and green jello for the other). Let refrigerate overnight then frost with the cool whip yogurt mixture.

This cake would be fun at any season. (ie blue raspberry and strawberry would be fun for 4th of July!)

I also made some vanilla macaroons with chocolate ganche and "Not Quite Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookies"

I was a little disappointed with how the macaroons looked... but they tasted great!

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Maria said...

What a festive cake:) And of course I LOVE the macaroons! They are the best cookie ever!